Trusted Software Management for your Tasting Room, Wine Clubs, Inventory
Trusted Software Management for your Tasting Room, Wine Clubs, Inventory
Trusted Software Management for your Tasting Room, Wine Clubs, Inventory
"VinNOW provides powerful business monitoring tools that allow me to track my business at every level so I can pivot if needed." 
LDV Winery, Peggy Fiandaca
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A Complete, Integrated, Winery Software Solution!

VinNOW software was designed by a winery, specifically for wineries, to manage customer data and purchase histories, tasting room and web sales, wine clubs with automated credit card processing. 

Includes multiple location inventory tracking. One-step Wine Club processing produces UPS, FedEx and GLS shipping labels.  Plus UPS, FedEx and GLS shipments can be tracked through VinNOW.  It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, VinoShipper and ShipCompliant. 

VinNOW is designed for a single, stand-alone computer or a network with multi-point of sale operations. Can be configured to operate in a multi-location environment.
VinNOW runs securely on your computer or in the cloud.
The Solution
Let's face it: You got into the wine industry primarily due to your passion for wine. But now, managing your sales programs has you spending more time with systems and paperwork than you do with your wine and your friends. This is the main reason VinNOW was developed.

VinNOW brings all of your customer data, all of your product data, sales data from all channels, inventory, accounting and more all into one single system. It eliminates the need to put the same data into multiple systems and it gives you one single place to go to run all of your reports.
Click on "Features" to review the details. Our sales department will demonstrate how VinNOW can dig you out of that paperwork mountain and get you back to the reason you got into the wine industry in the first place.
VinNOW was designed by winery owners in 1999. VinNOW is powered by Microsoft's state-of-the-art SQL Server database engine Microsoft's acclaimed data management and business intelligence platform.
"The software was chosen before my time at Hye Meadow Winery; however, I have fought to keep the software on because of the reporting capabilities and access to the development team." 
Hye Meadow Winery, Denise Batek
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